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Car dealers using diverse marketing ready ready to impulse

Dealers expected "gold and nine silver cross" traditional shopping season has arrived. In order to be able to grab, many car manufacturers and distributors have to act, manufacturers have introduced new models, or supported policies, warm-up for the market and dealers are actively preparing for.
a few days ago, I found in the automobile market visits, in order to meet the "gold and nine silver cross" the arrival of many dealers in August to recharge part 4S shops have already begun preparations for the money and was ready to supply. "Generally speaking, 6, 7, 83 months are regarded as market season. As long as it's August and September will be selling well on time. "A salesperson told me that September and October, the store has stocked a supply, wouldn't miss impulse of good timing.
in order to meet the September arrival of teacher's day, Mid-Autumn Festival, most car brands launch a sale measures. While the author notes, is not only a medium and low-grade significantly benefit incentives, luxury cars are also actively involved in, some models would save tens of thousands of Yuan.
in an interview, referring to "11" holiday, car dealers are excited. "Before the golden week holiday every year, many consumers reward car, buy a car with a family to reseller. Holiday car, car prices will dip, ' gold and nine silver ten ' is not only a good time for businesses, also are consumers out of a good time. "For many dealers,
, 9 October will usher in a new test, will launch a variety of marketing methods to meet the market's" gold and nine silver cross ". Extends from the price war gifts, trade, service upgrade. In addition, because the Government car purchase incentives to exit, as well as upgraded fuel standards to enable existing car models in the stock market are facing pressure. To escape the plight of automobile market, dealers have done their best, using a variety of methods to attract consumer attention. BACK PAGE