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Cars society needs to develop children correct concept car

If you are an owner, if you also have children at home, although children are minors, but better the sooner we taught correct concept car. Correct view of cars, not just "stop at a red light, green light" that simple concept will have the right to drive.
teen driving? Ten years ago, this seems to be a fantasy thing, are step by step becoming a reality. Child nutrition, middle school break 1.7-meter there are plenty of tall, is to open the tank, is more than enough. In addition, all prices are rising, the car does not rise, buying a car easy. Driver's license is relatively easy to obtain, if you do not want to take the time to test, you can also buy directly.
don't underestimate kids learning ability, and I am very impressed. Driving, child pointed to the side of a car, shouting at me, nice Porsche. After hearing this, I was surprised, I remember teaching his Honda, Buick, Toyota, Volkswagen and other simple LOGO brand, how can he know Porsche such a complex pattern of brand? He replied, on TV. I worry that, perhaps not to the age of 15, this little guy will drive.
we are the bucket-meter Wang, influence cannot be compared with others, but foster pride, sense of responsibility, as well as on the correct concept cars, are equal. All parents want their children to grow up in peace, but it's not easy, this society, there are so many temptations, strictly speaking, automotive is one of the temptations.
while the children are young, told him that the car is no more than a means of transport, not capacity, nor show fame and fortune; cannot be used to compare, but cannot be used to play, to be responsible for themselves, also responsible for passers-by.
while the children are young, told him that cars aren't racing, driving on the road, not as fast, but steady vehicle or tank, the safety limit value, a rapid pace, more airbags and no use.
while the children are young, told him that the prices are very high right now, making money is not easy, want to drive? You can, go and buy it! Want to take MOM and Dad's car? Also, to come on their own! Don't be so ready to truck throttle, truck brakes. Oil in China, but the badly needed goods, you need to take the foreign exchange to buy. Low-carbon travel, low carbon travel.
all along, I think that one's life is the most miserable thing--"after the age of 50, buying fate", it now appears, not comprehensive enough, and should add a clause-"after the age of 50, apologized for his son." If a child driving accident, a child not taught, and father, who have heard, and who can understand, but really, the mood of the depressed, that cannot be described in words. Don't let the children have "material prosperity," recalls life, don't let your child driving rampage. At 50 years of age and then regret it, remember, remember. BACK PAGE