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Why car Enterprise Sales Manager "Dim off"

In the automotive industry, Sales Manager is usually higher popularity of the character, who is the Chairman and General Manager of enterprise, it may not be clear, but the Sales Manager, was able to pronounce your name, this is because the sales executives generally high rates of exposure, more attention.
automotive enterprises, product sales, is not only a "vanity project", related to the company's rise and fall, is seen as a corporate priority. Generally speaking, the car sold well, enterprise business situation is good, less internal conflicts, decrees is relatively smooth, the so-called "a handsome cover the multitude of sins." So those who have important new models on the market, relevant departments of the enterprise are almost in full force not only to find activities activities planned, organized large public companies, public relations companies, and a lot of advertising, invited the media to do publicity, fashion celebrities in recent years, is often a deal or no deal, people are confused about what this car can make a lot of money. On these occasions, after enterprise sales manager was Yao, onstage has many manifestations, their every move in under the eyes, like a star.
However, the Sales Manager is also a high rate of risk professional, over the years, is the auto companies in Exchange for most corporate executives. When when the car sold well, the company cheered up and down, Sales Manager is scenery; when the car sell well, sales manager of the images fade, to be under a lot of pressure. Because the market does not believe in tears, absolute hero based on his success, particularly good cars didn't sell, it is a disgrace. However, there were no winners, the products of a company can not always be popular, especially if the market downturn, the individual often can't reverse the universe. But business was in trouble, somebody's going to "pay" when at this point, "you do not go to hell, who the hell"? Even if there were objective reasons, sometimes sales manager also felt hard to argue. Besides, companies up and down the broth, you're going to get everyone's understanding, or "leave" as well. So whatever "Club" down under "door" Sales Manager "first-mover advantage is strong", "personal reasons" and resign.
Sales Manager Dim bidder, but not does not mean that auto industry sales talent, on the contrary, China's auto sales is the most out of the talent field, China's auto market in the world is evidence. Car venture in China, the fastest-growing sales personnel, own-brand sales in the enterprise elite, many also come from the joint venture.
you know that joint venture product development in several countries have already done, get home is a screw causes a bit of bother, China was unable to learn research skills, research and development personnel is difficult to grow. During the manufacturing process and in strict accordance with the standards of TNCs, the "Tiger" keeps its shape on the line, as long as there is good equipment, created products generally are good, so there's no technical innovation. Only the market is ever-changing, the same product at different times and in different locations, different target, response is very different, no one can tell you that a "one size fits all" "sleeve". Here, personal skills and wisdom to get the maximum play. Meanwhile, market and consumers ' understanding of China, and communication with the Chinese Government, Chinese officials have incomparable advantages to foreign, which also decides on the sales, foreigners had to rely heavily on the Chinese side.
here, we would like to emphasize that marketing is not a panacea. Recently in a conversation with Ms Wang, President of great wall motor company, she suggested that marketing was just "icing on the cake", a product's market competitiveness, had decided early in the development phase. Ms is marketing man, after graduating from ordinary sales dry up, CEO of automobile sales to have full say. In her view, the great wall motor company product market competitive, because as early as the development stage will do a lot of market research, the target user is clear, markets are very specific. Her words make sense, is also worthy of our careful consideration.
so on marketing work to do on both sides views, both see it of importance, also cannot too exaggerated, like Chery Swiss Yee G5, this is a paragraph impact high-end of products, from company released brand to products official listed, during do has large brand promotion work, also hired has world well-known of football star endorsements, but, products not to force, in listed one years of time in the, only by a paragraph 2.0 displacement of manual car singles alone bucket, this how can set up "in the high-end car" of brand image does? Since G5 listed not success, on sent hope Yu G6 has, company also please has "marketing experts" Advisory, and planning, how, G6 not statements sound on listed has, seems to on fear know has, to people of feel is now of sales old always wants to and "in the high-end car" draw line, didn't want to dip package, threw out something, really not understand this is kind of "marketing"! BACK PAGE