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Beijing auto market to pick up a new or used car sales the first break "double 40,000"

Beijing auto market shows signs of. A new or used car volume was first breakthroughs of the year "double 40,000." In August, Beijing deals new cars 40,200, 36,400 growth last month 10.4% per cent, 74,800 reduced from a year 46.3%. Cent lower than the national 50% per cent growth is higher than the national 2%.
January-August trade this year new car 230,800, 512,400 sell 281,600 less than a year, compared with total reduced 54.96%, today than in the first seven months compared with drop down 1.48%, below the national level of car sales 58%.
Beijing used car trading, update policy driven by old vehicles out sold for 42,700 cars, 33,000 vehicles increased last month 29.39% per cent, per cent increase over the previous month and 26.91% 42,900 only 200 less than a year, essentially flat. Used car transfers between the city 43.2%, moving 56.8%, a 2.8% increase in emigration rates over the last month.
Asia City Deputy General Manager Yan Jinghui said, old motor vehicle eliminated update policy became August Beijing auto market of maximum highlights, implementation months more than has started, policy and exhibition marketing mutual promote, common pry moving capital August auto market, new old car sales first breakthrough "double 40,000", used cars market more is scored twice, trading again Super new car, to old promoting new became capital auto market new pillar. BACK PAGE