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Cars and cars faced off to the left and right

Automobile era, became the man in the car, people and their territories, into cars and car meet, passed from person to person, got into the car and the car passed by. Ever since people began to put his car as the Walker, all roads lead to the city, or unusual side streets, where as long as it was driving in the car, constantly eating by this four-wheeled things, run, catch, and breath.
day, day after day, month after month, year by year in the past, more and more people think, with limits looming security gap between cars and cars, four wheels could slow again slowly, and even snails, because all around car, snails can do it, couldn't move. Thus, the people sitting in the car began to complain about: faster than walking.
was also dumped the car keys, took down the car, return to green travel: on foot or bike. However, for monthly five-figure growth in car in Hangzhou in terms of "away" green is green, but to relieve traffic pressure, are utterly inadequate. Heavy burden falls mainly on Government, devolved upon the relevant government departments, their brains, think of various mitigation measures, day and night for road building and area restrictions, time lines, and peak pass ... ... They hardly get enough to hold.
it is difficult to hold, not all. At the red light stop, green line crossing, black police encounter every day sunbathing, for regulating car road order, sit in the car are you impatiently honking protest? When you swear "what" did you ever think, his blowing air, while he stood on the ground at temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, but continued to hold calm face, sweaty wave, plus you selfish to be over-inclusive?
it is difficult to hold, not all. In the event of the morning rush hour, the evening rush hour, even when peak night, when in extreme congestion, would you complain loudly, even rant, how much time and how much delay and delay and how many things? Although they can spare, can use land every turn up although they searched and every feasible measure is implemented.
However, they hold, because they will not give up. Because they hold, in this city, we can safely come to, turn left, go right. BACK PAGE