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The car "three guarantees" issued are expected to further regulate the market competition

Delayed for six years of automotive repair, replacement and return policy (hereinafter "the cars ' warranty ' policy") are expected to be issued during the year. Participation in car "three packs of" draft policy developed by the China quality certification center product Director Xie Penghong recently disclosed the news to the media. It is reported that in January this year the domestic automobile manufacturers have received the AQSIQ issued a car "three guarantees" policy draft, the formal introduction of the policy is imminent.
ago, the Chinese consumers ' Association Deputy Secretary-General, senior consumer rights expert Wu made in an interview with reporters said the "three guarantees" provisions will soon introduce is sure to promote healthy development of China's auto industry good, just hope that this policy will not tilt to some stakeholders, should implement a win-win situation for consumers and automobile manufacturers.
but auto manufacturers interested reporters vehicle "three packs of" policies generally welcomed and expressed according to the policy requires targeted adjustment of the product after-sales service system.
analysts believe that, in the present context of the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic auto market, by relevant legal provisions to regulate market competition, will significantly ease the contradiction between buyer and seller.
experts: is expected to further specification market competition years, China car market sales double super 18 million car, not only continues to stability Home World First, also marks China car industrial is towards 2.0 times, but such as products quality problem, and consumers complaints have not to timely solution, and recalled system enough perfect, and car "guarantees" policy delay failed to introduced, problem became has hinder China car industrial health development of bottleneck.
"car ' guarantees ' policy and recalled system as, actually are is protection consumers interests of measures, but international Shang and no car ' guarantees ' this a concept," NDRC industry policy coordination Division Deputy Director Chen Jianguo previously in accept reporter interview Shi think, car "guarantees" policy and car brand sales management approach as, are is help consumers in interests by damage Shi can directly found manufacturers activist, to effective protection consumers of interests.
"car ' guarantees ' policy is delay failed to introduced, reasons also is is interests related party of differences, like Enterprise think car products can maintenance but cannot returned, and consumers is think returned and maintenance as are is consumers of normal right," Wu made the in accept reporter interview Shi think, car "guarantees" policy can timely introduced, precisely can from positive promote China car industry of health development, can let consumers buy have assured, and open have relief, and with have pleasant.
"but" three guarantees "policy should also take into account the interests of all parties, should not only safeguard the interests of consumers is appropriate to protect the development needs of enterprises cannot be tilted to any party, so as to achieve a win-win," said Wu made.
senior brand specialist universal believes that car "three guarantees" policy for enterprises, also is a good thing. "Consumers have a problem, go directly to the Exchange, and pressed through a variety of channels, added a lot of troubles to the enterprise, if there are explicit legal provisions, instead of making enterprises targeted to respond to consumer complaints and eliminate conflicts as soon as possible," Gu Hy said, "firms lead in respecting the rules, are good for firms, now fierce market competition needs laws to regulate. "
" I personally think that cars ' warranty ' policy for car service will play a positive role in promoting, on the one hand is of poor quality and high prices for illegal operators or operators to combat, on the other hand give adequate protection to the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, as well as social education of all stakeholders have roles. "Wu made said.
companies: strategic adjustments will be carried out for consumers of automobile "three guarantees" policy hope it goes without saying that while auto production enterprises, this policy is for enterprise service system put forward higher requirements. Automotive business people generally felt that in an interview with Xinhua, for countries of course have to comply with any of the provisions, if the vehicle is "three guarantees" policy, the enterprise only needs to do is to further improve the service system, according to the relevant provisions to provide consumers with better services.
"in received national quality General on car ' guarantees ' policy of sought views draft zhihou, GAC Honda has for itself enterprise situation for has timely feedback, and on the policy of introduced holding welcomes attitude," GAC Honda wide reported section Yeung kwong in accept reporter interview Shi said, car "guarantees" policy for enterprise products quality of improve and promote enterprise between of benign competition is a good.
Yang Xueliang, Geely holding group, the public relations Director, told reporters and media vehicles "three guarantees" policy forthcoming reports attracted the attention of Geely, although there is no specific policy content, but Geely will according to the policy requirements of the product service strategy is adjusted accordingly.
"company's after-sales service department may have already received the relevant notice for independent brands, assurance of product quality is a top priority, perfection of the service system are equally important, we also support car ' guarantees ' new policy," Yang Zhao BYD's public relations manager, told reporters. BACK PAGE