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Talk about carbon in the engine problem

Carbon is an old problem in the engine, I believe many owners know a thing or two that Buick's "carbon" time was pushed to the forefront of it.
carbon in the engine of what?
for several reasons, most of the family car because regular short-distance running, idling at a red light, stop-and-go in the urban areas, basically do not run long distance this will cause the vehicle to form a lot of carbon. By electric spray engine control features of effect, engine out moment ignition was immediately cut, but this work cycle by spray out of gasoline is cannot was recycling, only posted attached in intake door and combustion chamber wall Shang, gasoline is easy volatile, but gasoline in the of wax and glial real is left has down, over gasoline in the of wax and glial real more product more thick, repeatedly heated Hou variable hard on formed has product carbon. And yet another is the Jeep fuel quality issues where consensus has been reached. For these reasons, I believe that most of the owners have no way to avoid it.
the accumulation of carbon in the inlet, nozzle, the intake, combustion chamber, such as cold start problems, engine knock, accelerating weakness, lack of motivation, idle unstable problems.
traditional care method is dismantling for cleaning engine parts, even whole decomposition of engine, but this is clearly unrealistic. Time-consuming and does not say, and destroyed the original gap.
in order to solve this problem, a lot of 4S station fuel intake system cleaning. Using the power of lion (quote picture parameters) the fuel intake system cleaning agent, cleaning by means of chemical decomposition of carbon without dismantling the engine, without any damage to a vehicle part, achieve the purpose of cleaning carbon deposits within the engine.

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